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Old partners with the new support

  • February 2, 2023

Development Center for Youth and DEKI5 Football Camp, connected by the positive values they promote through their activities, received a new recognition – they are part of a partnership that, on the way to creating a new generation of life champions, has received the support of the UEFA Foundation for Children.

Project “Creating Life Champions” whose coordinator is Development Center for Youth was officially launched on January 26 in Belgrade, in the presence of the Minister of Education of the Republic of Serbia, and representatives of the diplomatic corps led by His Excellency, the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Hami Aksoy.

The launch was also attended by the coordinator of the Camp, Đorđe Pajić, who in the continuation of the process will take special care of the educational component of planned sports activities. “Sport is much more than competition and we are happy that we have achieved a partnership with Development Center for Youth, because both structures are guided by the fact that the goal of sport is first and foremost to create top people and life champions, and only then – sports champions,” said on that occasion Đorđe Pajić.

Project “Creating Life Champions” will be implemented in the period December 2022-November 2023 and will include a series of diverse activities, from research on the role of coaches as pedagogues and educators, through development of recommendations for coaches for the introduction of non-formal education in sports, training for coaches to acquire additional knowledge and skills in working with children and young people, until the application of everything acquired in the process at the summer shifts of DEKI5 camp.