From Footbal To Life Champions Ilu

We are proudly announcing

  • October 28, 2023

The extremely exhaustive and studious research on the pedagogical and educational role of football coaches, which was coordinated by the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory of the University of Belgrade, has now received its final publication.

The research was conducted in Serbia, Croatia, North Macedonia, Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria and Turkey, and offers us, in addition to national specifics, a comparative view of the current situation in the countries involved.

The aim of this research was to carry out a detailed analysis of how football coaches see the educational and pedagogical role of sport and to identify ways to strengthen this role in the future.

The purpose of the entire research was to use this data to create a module and a Moodle course for coaches in order to provide them with new knowledge, information and tools to act to a greater extent as educators and pedagogues in the field, creating first of all life, and only then sports champions.

The research is available at the following link:

The research process is part of the project “Creating Life Champions”, which is realized in a consortium of 18 actors from the sports, education and youth sectors from 9 involved countries, with the support of the ERASMUS+ program in the field of sports and the UEFA Foundation for Children.