Third generation of life champions left Palić

  • July 6, 2023

Smiles, hugs and new lifelong friendships marked the third educational-sports camp “Creating Life Champions”, which was held from July 2 to 5 in Palić.

This time, the consortium went a step further, since the first generation of female life champions stepped on the path to new information, knowledge and contacts along with the third generation of their male colleagues, which brought additional value to this unique gathering.

What also made it special was its regional character, since it brought together eminent men’s and women’s football teams from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro, putting competition on the back burner, and emphasizing common socializing, bonding and gaining knowledge. This time, the young sports teams of RFK Grafičar, Academy Pandev, FC Sloga Doboj, FC Breznica and ŽFK Borec Veles were not bitter rivals on the field, but supported each other in successful implementation of all activities during the camp.

Concept that insists that not everyone can become top athletes – sports champions, but that through sports they should become top people – life champions, this time gathered over 170 young athletes and their coaches, focusing on sport as a tool for communicating important social messages, promotion of good values and regional cooperation.

With eminent experts in the fields of pedagogy, psychology and youth work, young participants of the camp, in addition to joint sports activities, had the opportunity to learn about fair play and healthy communication, building team relationships and trust, and gender equality in sports, but also to visit the significant cultural and touristic attractions of Palić, of which the ZOO, unique in this part of Europe in terms of its appearance and content, will remain in their special memory.

170 satisfied smiles left Palić, and the consortium continues to work on creating new opportunities for coaches of younger categories and their young athletes, which is why the next activity, planned for the fall of 2023, is a study visit with the aim of further exchange of pedagogical knowledge and experience in sports by the coaches involved. We are aware that satisfied and empowered coaches will be the best role models in creating a new generation of happy, active and thinking citizens.

“You are image of the society for which we are fighting together – a society based on the principles of tolerance, mutual respect and understanding, equality and fair play. A society that is aware of the importance of fighting against negative phenomena around us, including those present in sports. A society that teaches children from the youngest age why ecology is important or why we should respect and promote human rights”, stated Aleksandra Knežević, coordinator and creator of the concept, closing the meeting.

Concept “Creating Life Champions” is implemented with the support of the European Union through the ERASMUS+ program in the field of sports and the UEFA Foundation for Children, but the consortium owes a special thanks for the flawless organization of the camp to the companies with which stable cooperation has been established on promotion of the concept – SOCCERBET and AMS insurance.