Boys Playing Soccer In The Field Illustration

Partnership for more opportunities for children and youth in sports

  • December 18, 2020

Nikola Sovrlić and Marko Nikolovski, representatives of Development Center for Youth and Deki Stanković Football Camp, signed an Agreement on joint action in the field of international cooperation in sports, on December 18 in Belgrade.

Recognizing the common interest in further work on development of the educational and pedagogical role of sport, two sides agreed to make available to each other their experience in the field of non-formal education and youth work; expertise in project management and an extensive network of its existing partners at the regional level; as well as human resources, infrastructural and logistical capacities for the realization of joint activities.

“We have agreed that sport is an important channel for the promotion of positive social values, that coaches are primarily educators and pedagogues of invaluable importance in the process of growing up and educating children and youth, and that sport enables proper psycho-physical development of children. We believe that together we can do much more for children and youth, both from Serbia and from the entire region, and we will seek support for activities through international foundations and organizations dealing with the topics that are in our focus”, said Aleksandra Knežević, program director of DC Youth during the signing ceremony.

Partners have made a precise plan for further joint action and it will be officially presented to the public during the initial meeting of the ERASMUS+ project “Standing together for a healthier and safer community”, planned for mid-January 2021.