Association for Youth Activism CENTER FOR ACTIVE YOUTH is a non-governmental, non-political, youth organization in which citizens voluntarily join, regardless of their political, national, religious and professional affiliation for the purpose of accomplishing organized activities within the fields of sport and youth, as well as cooperation with other associations and organizations with the same or similar platform at all levels in the municipality, the Republic and internationally. Work of the CENTER FOR ACTIVE YOUTH – Bitola is public and is realized through transparent publishing of the Statute and other acts of the association, as well as the annual working programs and reports.

Association’s main goals and objectives are:

  • Developing and promoting interethnic and international relations between the Republic of North Macedonia and its neighbors through concrete projects for promotion of cultures of the countries from the region and beyond;
  • Utilizing all opportunities and potentials of the organization, as well as developing forms of lobbying and advocacy for development of democracy, civil society and human rights;
  • Promotion and protection of human rights and freedoms through observation of local and national elections, cooperation with state institutions, police, ombudsman and other institutions and non-governmental organizations dealing with the protection of human rights and freedoms in the country and abroad;
  • Inclusion of young people in various initiatives, promotion and stimulation of youth initiatives through various forms of cooperation and support;
  • Promotion of Europe through cooperation with youth and sport associations from the European countries that are preparing for the EU membership;
  • Contributing to the massiveness and popularization of sport as an integral part of human care and the general physical education of young people, raising the sporting qualities, raising the membership of the association in the spirit of the highest sports principles.

Members of the association participate in the work of governmental and municipal commissions and other working bodies when discussing issues of youth and sport.