Football School of FC Sloga Doboj has been working for 9 years already and it works with children and youth who are not in competitive selections. After its reorganization in 2015, its work was brought to higher level, above all through engagement of the trainers with UEFA licenses.

After setting the foundations, its work has been constantly upgraded for 4 years since then, and as a proof, it have a large number of children and youth who are actively engaged in football, with the increasing number of them who get calls from representative selections and bigger clubs (such as national football team of Republika Srpska, FC Red Star, FC Vojvodina and FC Partizan from Serbia, etc.).

A large number of tournaments that they visit during the year additionally stimulate children to engage and dedicate themselves to the game. During 2018, all selections of its Football school participated in more than 40 tournaments within the country and abroad, with over 140 direct participants.

They were participant of the project “Life Champions: creating better opportunities through sport”, beneficial not only for their trainers, but also for their children and youth, since more than 60 of them had the opportunity to travel, train, learn and socialize thanks to the project activities.

For the third year in a row, the club participates in the project of Winter League, which is organized for children to be active during the winter days, and the emphasis is placed on socializing, football and education. Each year, the league lasts for about 4 months, during which teams travel to new destinations, meet new friends, play soccer and train together.