United Societies of Balkans (USB) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Thessaloniki, Greece working in the field of youth mobility, participation and facilitating youth awareness about social issues. It was founded in 2008 by the inception of a group of active young people who wanted to address the social issues which affect the youngsters in the Balkans and Eastern Europe.

U.S.B.’s objectives and values are actualized in the society and the needs of the youngsters by:

  • Promoting the values of non-formal learning, voluntarism, active citizenship and democracy for the creation of a better future for the European youth;
    • Promoting human rights, solidarity and respect for diversity among youth and the society;
    • Involving minorities and immigrants into youth activities;
    • Building healthy cooperation bridges between countries of the area of the Balkans and Eastern Europe with the rest of Europe.

United Societies of Balkans has implemented and involved in many local and international activities. It has coordinated and implemented successfully more than 300 international projects, in addition, to being involved in more than 1,500 projects. USB has hosted more than 3,000 youngsters in different programmes based on formal and non-formal education, by trying to underline the important role of experiential learning and non-formal education and to include tools and methods of the non-formal education to the mainstream education. USB, during the last 14 years has prepared, send and work in follow-up activities with more than 3,000 youngsters in mobility projects. Since 2009 it has hosted 250 volunteers in projects both long and short term and has sent 150 volunteers abroad. The main tasks of the hosting project are connected with the new media and ESC volunteers run a web radio, e-television and e-magazine (Balkan Beats). Since 2016 it has created a network of 12 different NGOs in the city of Thessaloniki where it coordinates volunteer projects.

USB has developed a very diverse and rich experience in youth work, having worked in different topics that have advanced its expertise in human rights education, intercultural learning, gender related issues, new media, entrepreneurship, ecology, sports and many more.