Middle East Technical University (METU) Physical Education and Sport Department was established in 1979. Currently, the department offers Master of Science and Philosophy of Doctorate degrees in physical education and sport. There are three research groups: (1) Motor Behavior, (2) Exercise Physiology & Training, (3) Movement & Sports Pedagogy. Undergraduate-level elective courses are available to students at other departments, faculties, and institutes. The aim is to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and to broaden student knowledge and understanding of sports sciences. The department aims effectively use its experts in educational seminars, certificate, and in-service educational programs.

The Department of Physical Education and Sports accepts a holistic approach to education through physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development to bring up healthier, happier, and more successful people to the public. The department mainly serves education, teaching, research, and public service. The Physical Education and Sports Department became a member of Faculty of Education at METU in 1982.

The Faculty of Education at METU was also established in 1982 to train prospective teachers to educate future generations, conduct research in the educational field, and provide education to the public. METU Faculty of Education has six departments: Computer and Instructional Technology Education, Foreign Language Education, Basic Education, Mathematics and Science Education, Physical Education and Sport, and Educational Sciences. The basic aim of all undergraduate programs is to teach students to do research, to interpret the results of research, to be creative, to solve problems and to learn, to communicate effectively with students, to prepare students for rich learning environments, to be able to use instructional technologies, to follow the national and international developments in the field, to be able to benefit from resources, to increase the quality of education.