The Ginásio Clube Português (GCP), founded in 1875, played an innovative role in physical and sports activities. It is a reference in Portuguese National Sport System and pioneer in the concept of a club with sports, social and cultural purposes. With about 50 different activities and sports, it is one of the most eclectic club in Portugal and one of the oldest. Associated with modernity and permanent updating is characterized by being a first-rate club in training, competition and representation and in the area of Exercise and Health.

Under the motto Applying Scientific Research in the Life-Course Analysis of Exercise, Health and Sports Performance, the GCP Lab is a center of innovation and collaboration between researchers, health professionals, coaches and exercise physiologists, aiming to respond to the needs raised by both the Department of Sports Training and the Department of Exercise and Health.

Actually, GCP has 7359 club members; 3641 active members practicing sports and physical activities at club headquarters and 2600 in the swimming pool.  Our team is composed by 224 employees and 156 teachers/coaches. GCP is currently carrying out some funded ERASMUS+ Projects which are focus on sport, physical and mental wellness.