Grafičar Football Club (RFC Grafičar) was founded in 1922 as one of the oldest clubs in the former Yugoslavia. Today RFC Grafičar plays in the first league of Serbia. Goal of the club’s operation is to place itself in higher leagues with all its selections. Currently, the Club has about 150 active football players of all age categories and 12 members of the professional team: trainers, physiotherapists, and administrative staff. Realizing that the growth and development of the Club cannot be achieved without investment and strategic partnerships, RFC Grafičar signed a Business Cooperation Agreement with FC Crvena Zvezda (Red Star) from Belgrade in 2018, thus becoming B team of the mentioned club. Being B team of one of the most prestigious clubs means that the training process in RFC Grafičar takes place under the same or similar conditions as in FC Crvena Zvezda.

Apart from the focus on training process and proper selection of the players, the backbone of RFC Grafičar’s operation is also investment in personnel. In this regard, the club’s trainers pass through educational workshops of national and branch associations, professional seminars and other non-formal forms of acquiring new knowledge and skills to ensure the continuity of work and UEFA licenses.

RFC Grafičar is a socially responsible club. In this regard, in the last three years, there have been held mini-competitions of a humanitarian character to help vulnerable ones. Also, RFC Grafičar initiated a competition for the youngest categories along with 4 international schools located in Belgrade (German, French, ISB, and Prima School).

RFC Grafičar is implementing for two years a project in the field of encouragement and refinement of the school of football under the auspices of the Municipality of Savski Venac-Belgrade. This way, it contributes to the inclusion of children in sport with the goal of raising awareness about the importance of regular physical activity.