Gorica is just one of many clubs with rich tradition of football in region of Velika Gorica, which will be the ultimate word of those who are dealing with history. The forerunner of football in Velika Gorica and the first clubs in which the people of Velika Gorica could learn this game were the SC Olympics and CSC Turopoljac, who started their first soccer stages in Velika Gorica in 1920. Immediately after the Second World War, the historical story of the Olympic and Turopolje became a new club – Radnik. Year 2009 changing the name and address of FC Polet Buševec and sports union with FC Radnik, FC Gorica become the first club that in its name also carries the abbreviated name of the town. The same way like in these years before like others have changed the names of other members of the former sports company Radnik such as basketball, voleyball and handball.

Whether Gorica will be the last representative of city football is difficult to predict, but with Gorica being born the fourth soccer generation of clubs in region of Velika Gorica, no one will ever dispute. Whether someone’s writing history from 2009 or Radnik’s 1945 or Polet’s 1934 is less important, more important than the years is the fact that football in Velika Gorica has never faded, as all Olympic and Turopolje heirs, together with all the administrations and volunteers gave their best to present city football in the most beautiful light.

It is a well-known fact that to become a top athlete besides talent, it must possess over-average psychological physical abilities, as well as great will and ability to live and work in extraordinarily difficult conditions. Top athletes become an example and model for many generations of young people. Numerous examples show that top athletes, along with their numerous sports obligations, succeed in executing intellectuals, so many top athletes have high school and faculty diplomas, and with this, they become highly qualified and sought after managers in numerous business subjects.

In recent years, Gorica wants to keep up to date with modern trends and be a collective that will ultimately be in the sport. By organizing work, sports activities and marketing promotion, we strive to promote the club, sport and football in the positive frames of the Croatian sportsbook. The wish of this club leadership is not only focused on sports results, but also the proper sports development of children at the earliest age, so Gorica brings together girls and boys of preschool age. Training of professional staff is also one of the most important steps in the club’s operation, so Gorica is also in this segment investing in education of professional trainers in the club.

In the last years, looking at that period from the perspective of 2009, where there was a rather confusing situation in football in region of Velika Gorica, these last years were exceptionally successful for several reasons. The club is consolidated, it has created a name that is well known in every corner of Croatia, it has compiled the competition plans for ourselves and others to confirm that Velika Gorica can and must have the club of importance in our football.

The highest governing bodies are the Assembly, the Administrative and the Executive Board. The club has the President of the Assembly and the President of the Club, and the executive function is executed by the Executive Vice President and the Executive Committee, which has 9 members. With club are managed exclusively by volunteers, and in some organizational activities of the club are also active parents of children engaged in active sports in the club.

Club operates on the principles of the HOO-a and is now an opportunity for all citizens of our city, regardless of their political affiliations, to participate equally in the club.

Gorica has a total of 19 teams – 2 senior teams and 17 selections in academy, and there are three groups “open school” competing outside the competition through friendly matches. The club also has a team of veterans playing under the name Radnik. There are a total of 20 selections competing within one club’s activities. At the end of 2016, 433 players in the COMET system involved in the competition system were registered in the club, while about 70 players were involved in the training process through an „open school“. Club has a total of 19 coaches with a high level of football coaching education, the club has two goalkeeper coaches and two fitness coaches. In the medical sector, the club has a physiotherapist and two physicians who are at all times available to all age categories and selections.

Velika Gorica City Stadium was also officially opened in 1987 for the University of Zagreb. After the Universe, the stadium was administered to the management of the football club Radnik, in 1997, the city of Velika Gorica founded the School of Management which now manages the stadium using city budget resources to maintain this extremely large and demanding sports complex. Currently, the stadium’s capacity is reduced to 6,000 spectators, with some more than 1,000 seats available. The complex itself associated with football activities consists of a main field with an athletic track and two auxiliary terrains and supporting facilities. Nightlight training and game play is set up on a second-aid field containing a polygon and an artificial grass field that was built in 2015 at the highest standards and has a FIFA Two Star certification.