State University Ss. Cyril and Methodius – Skopje is the oldest and largest university in the North Macedonia. University was founded in 1946. More than 50,000 students study at the Skopje University, including some 700 foreign students. Furthermore, teaching and research staff is composed of 2,390 people, being supported by over 300 members in the University’s institution. State Ss. Cyril and Methodius University – Skopje has 23 faculties, 9 institutes and 8 other high education members.

The Faculty of Physical Education, Sport and Health (FPESH) is a part of the State “Ss Cyril and Methodius” University for almost 40 years now. It was founded in 1978. Faculty is the oldest and the most reputable scientific and educational institution regarding the field of kinesiology, education, sport and heath in the North Macedonia. Since its foundation, the successful work of the Faculty is primarily based on outstanding potentials of the staff, who has managed to implement a large number of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral curricula.

Regarding the above mentioned, the main objectives of the Faculty are to:

  • Improve the quality of the education,
  • Create high quality competitive staff and graduates for the labor market in our country and abroad, and
  • Promote the educational level of the entire population in Macedonia (first of all in the domain of kinesiology and sport coaching).

Faculty of Physical Education, Sport and Health, as an integral part of UKIM, has 20 full time professors, 1 associate professor and 9 assistant professors.

It has two basic level study programs: Kinesiology and Sports coach;

Master level study programs: Kinesiology and Sports management;

PhD study program: Kinesiology.

Currently, the Faculty of Physical Education, Sport and Heath has more than 600 students in all study programs and all study levels. Students are the foundation for existence of every higher education institution, which is the case for our Faculty, too. As equal members of the academic community, institution incessantly tries for them to be in the first place and of first importance. Young colleagues are regarded as a value in which it invests effort and knowledge. The Faculty has 7 separate research cathedras, one Institute for sport as a separate part of the Faculty and one Institute for scientific research.

FPESH, in its 40 year existence, has more than 1500 PE graduates. These are specialists, involved in all sport sectors in North Macedonia, working as PE teachers in primary and secondary schools, sport trainers, administrators, instructors etc.

At the moment, about 30 professors and assistants are employed at the FPESH (all of them are doctors of science in different fields of kinesiology) and over 500 students are enrolled in process of education at undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Undergraduate study program is split in two main courses which lead to Bachelor degree: in sport training at the specific sport discipline and the general Bachelor degree which lead to diploma of physical education specialist.

Employees from the FPESH have previously experiences in delivering different kind of continuing professional educational activities for PE specialist teachers from primary and secondary schools in Macedonia, as well as for general teachers in primary education. Those activities were realized in the last 10 years and in direct collaboration with the Macedonian Bureau for development of education.