Antalya sports has emerged from the Mediterranean region and now it is aiming to be known and engaged in activities not only in Turkey, but all over the world. Antalyaspor club was established in 1966 and has more than 55 years of history. It has started to become one of the well-known football clubs on the national and international stage.

Antalyaspor is not only a professional football team, but also a large sport club with other sports fields. Other sports include: handball, volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, water polo, cycling, triathlon, table tennis, judo and it consists of e-sports. On-site, there are hundreds of athletes in the club.

FC Antalyaspor consists of the Antalyaspor foundation, the Antalyaspor association and the Antalyaspor Company. The Club is ready to take large steps and projects, planning a long-term permanent projects.

Antalyaspor facilities are built on a 135.000 sq.m with 17.400 sq.m covered. Composed of 3 buildings, the facilities up to 2,100 square foot include multi-purpose sports hall, 1,570 spectators grandstand, conference hall with the capacity of 385 persons, accommodation for 126 persons, seminar and training rooms, illuminated 6 grass football pitches, 2 mini-training field, 2 tennis courts, 1 Indoor semi-Olympic swimming pool, a restaurant, a games room and hobby room, fitness room, spa with hammam, sauna and jacuzzi, parking lot for 152 cars, large landscape areas.

Hasan Subaşı Training Grounds, opened for service in 1998, has 1 standard football field and a small work area in Antalyaspor facilities. In addition to its basketball, handball and football teams, a weekend sports school is also held at these facilities.

Stadium, opened in the summer of 2015, has 33,032 seats and also has got a football park, education centre, football academy and extra training pitches to host camps of the European or Asian teams. The stadium is nicknamed “100. Yıl”

In addition to its own training grounds, other training grounds are available for their use in Antalya province.

Antalyasport club has from U6 until U19 (reserve) teams, as well as 22 football academies in Antalya and 3 football academies outside of Antalya.

On regular basis, it is also conducting different programs: the Trainer development program, the Player development program, the Online player development program, the Team development program, as well as number of different seminars and congresses.