Presenting The Training Module For Coaches For The Introduction Of Non-formal Education In/through Sports

Presenting the Training module for coaches for the introduction of non-formal education in/through sports

  • March 1, 2022

While we eagerly look forward to the results of the open call in the field of sport within the ERASMUS+ program, relevant for continuation of work on the concept of “Life Champions”, it is a perfect moment to draw the line when it comes to the project “Creating life champions: standing together for a healthy and safe community” from 2021, by launching a manual on the introduction of non-formal education in sports, all with the aim of revitalizing the pedagogical and educational role of sports coaches.

With Parental Support To A Stronger And More Sustainable Concept Of Life Champions

With parental support to a stronger and more sustainable concept of Life Champions

  • October 15, 2021

Despite the epidemiological challenges that marked 2021, consortium of the project “Standing Together for a Healthy and Safe Community: Creating Life Champions” can boast of numerous activities – the initial consultative meeting and training of trainers, data collection and expert work on development of the educational module, 2 educational-sports camp, numerous consultative meetings, which resulted in more than 400 trainers of younger categories and children and youth from clubs involved who joined the family of life champions.

Trainers Acquired New Knowledge And Skills For Creating Life Champions

Trainers acquired new knowledge and skills for creating life champions

  • July 2, 2021
A special component of the 4-day regional camp held on June 24-27 on mountain Zlatibor, Serbia was the training of trainers of younger categories from 6 football clubs involved. It aimed to improve the knowledge and skills of trainers for introduction of new topics and methodological approaches in work with children and youth, in order to shift the focus from creating the sports to creating the life champions.

The First Generation Of 150 “life Champions” Left Zlatibor

The first generation of 150 “life champions” left Zlatibor

  • June 28, 2021

The region got its first 150 "life champions" who attended the educational-sports camp “Creating Life Champions” on Mountain Zlatibor, Serbia. Football players of the younger categories of Grafičar from Belgrade (Serbia), Sloga from Doboj and Željezničar from Sarajevo (Bosnia and…

GORAN PANDEV: Sport Should Be Accessible To Everyone

GORAN PANDEV: Sport should be accessible to everyone

  • June 9, 2021
The coordinator of the project “Creating life champions: Standing Together for Healthy and Safe Community”, Aleksandra Knezevic, met in Skopje with the official ambassador of the project and the captain of the Macedonian national team, Goran Pandev.
Significant Steps Towards Creating An Educational Module For Working With Children And Youth In Sports

Significant steps towards creating an educational module for working with children and youth in sports

  • May 6, 2021

Working Group is dedicated to creating an educational module for new methods of work of sports coaches with children and youth within the project “Standing Together for a Healthy and Safe Community” through a series of online and live meetings. Experts from three sectors – youth, education and sports, from different countries and different fields, have committed to contribute to the revitalization of the educational and pedagogical role of coaches through this particular module, by offering them new tools for work and learning of young people through sports and play, but also by drawing their attention to certain life topics that could be brought closer to attendees through sports.

First Step In Developing An Educational Module For Football Coaches Made

First step in developing an educational module for football coaches made

  • April 20, 2021

After a short lull, activities on the project “Life Champions: Standing Together for a Healthy and Safe Community” have been continued according to the plan, with a focus on developing an educational module for coaches aimed at organized introduction of non-formal education in and through sports.

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