UEFA Foundation For Children’s Support Is Continuing In 2024

UEFA Foundation for Children’s support is continuing in 2024

The best possible news have arrived today, on the International Children's Day, in Serbia -…

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Life Champions Sum Up Their Impressions Toward 2024

Life champions sum up their impressions toward 2024

After presentation of the concept of life champions at the camps in Palić, Divčibare and…

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We Continue To Expand The Life Champions Family

We continue to expand the Life Champions family

Consortium representatives Božo Marić and Siniša Ćerketa, led by the coordinator of the project "Creating…

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We Are Proudly Announcing

We are proudly announcing

The extremely exhaustive and studious research on the pedagogical and educational role of football coaches,…

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With Goran Pandev In Strumica

With Goran Pandev in Strumica

Dynamic partnership with the Academy Pandev as part of the concept “Creating Life Champions" has…

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With The Representative Of The UEFA Foundation For Children On Zlatibor

With the representative of the UEFA Foundation for Children on Zlatibor

After a series of activities carried out on the project "Creating Life Champions", our team…

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From Research To Practical Tools For Coaches – Experts On A Common Path

From research to practical tools for coaches - experts on a common path

From July 6 to 8, the Serbian mountain Divčibare hosted experts as part of the…

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Third Generation Of Life Champions Left Palić

Third generation of life champions left Palić

Smiles, hugs and new lifelong friendships marked the third educational-sports camp “Creating Life Champions", which…

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Concept Of Life Champions Presented To The Participants Of GALE7 Camp

Concept of Life Champions presented to the participants of GALE7 camp

Development Center for Youth team led by Aleksandra Knežević visited Bečej today and talked with…

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Coaches Of Younger Categories Clearly Stated: Football In The Region Can And Must Be Developed Jointly

Coaches of younger categories clearly stated: football in the region can and must be developed jointly

Football coaches of younger categories should be considered an important link in the upbringing and…

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Bijeljina Is Getting Informed About Life Champions

Bijeljina is getting informed about Life Champions

On Monday, May 29, 2023, Bijeljina was all about sports, as it was visited by…

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Belgrade Hosts The Life Champions

Belgrade hosts the Life Champions

After the regional tour which included the presentation of the concept in Bosnia and Herzegovina,…

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Montenegro Meets The Life Champions

Montenegro meets the Life Champions

After Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Macedonia, it was Montenegro's turn to learn more on…

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Life Champions Came To Veles Too

Life Champions came to Veles too

The first info day dedicated to the new Life Champions concept line - creation of…

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Life Champions Presented To The Citizens Of Velika Plana

Life Champions presented to the citizens of Velika Plana

Life Champions concept had its premiere in Velika Plana, at the initiative of the "Despot"…

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